Pineville mayor says landscaping bids too high

Rachel Dickerson/McDonald County Press Pineville Mayor Gregg Sweeten (left) presented Tyler Luellen and mother, Carol Luellen, with a certificate for winning the Halloween decorating contest during the board of aldermen meeting on Tuesday. The winners also received $50.

The Pineville Board of Aldermen, at its meeting Tuesday, heard about bids for some landscaping at the city's LED sign but agreed with Mayor Gregg Sweeten that the bids were too high.

The proposed landscaping project is to take some rock left over from the old well that was torn down and put it around the base of the LED sign to improve its appearance.

Sweeten said he spoke with three companies and did not receive a bid. He said he was told different figures, but the companies did not give him an official bid. He said Public Works Superintendent Chris Tinsley got a bid.

Tinsley said the representative he spoke with told him the company could lay the rock on the outside with a block wall on the inside. Alderman Scott Dennis clarified that the block wall keeps the structure from falling apart, and the rock is decorative. Tinsley said this assessment was correct.

The company bid $7,200 for both the block and rock walls or $5,600 for just the rock wall.

"I think it would look great; I just hate to spend that kind of money," Sweeten said. "My opinion is that's way too high."

He said he would keep looking for a less expensive option that would still be good quality work.

The board also discussed animal control. Sweeten said a resident was supposed to speak to the board that night but could not attend the meeting. The resident had an issue with an armadillo being a nuisance and did not understand why the city did not have animal control or why she could not shoot it within the city limits. He said the resident could either call the police department and they would put it down, or she could call city hall for a trap.

Alderman Connor Underwood questioned whether the city should consider animal control as it grows because dogs have become a problem.

Sweeten said, "It's never been a good situation." He said if someone calls in about a stray dog, the police department or city workers will come and get it, but the city cannot hold it very long because the city is not a licensed kennel. Personnel will put photos of the animal online and, usually, the owner will come for it, he said. If a person has had to come for an animal multiple times, he may be issued a citation, he said. If no one claims the dog, the city may take it to the Joplin Humane Society. However, "they're full. Huckleberry's full. Faithful Friends is full. It's just a bad situation," he said.

The board also approved a payment of $40,088 for the Mountain Ridge water tower project.

The Luellen family, Carol and Tyler, were recognized for winning the Halloween decorating contest and received $50 and a certificate.

The board paid bills in the amount of $54,770, part of which included three months' worth of mowing during the summer.