Noel discusses new ordinances, department reports

NOEL -- At Noel's monthly city meeting at Noel City Hall, the board of aldermen and the mayor discussed several ordinances and department reports and addressed public concerns.

In old business, the board discussed work to be done to a building on Main Street that has been awaiting renovations. An engineer is to develop a renovation plan, with plans to be submitted and accepted by the board. A Tyson sewer expansion was also discussed, with plans still to be finalized and a start date still unknown.

Under new business, the board voted to add several items to next year's ballot.

The board approved adding ordinance number 23-106, which reads, "An ordinance of the City of Noel, Missouri, imposing a use tax for general revenue proposed at the rate equal to the total local sales tax in effect for the privilege of storing, using, or consuming within the City any article of tangible personal property pursuant to the authority granted by and subject to the provisions of Section 144.660 through 144.761 RSMo; providing for the use of tax to be released, reduced, or raised in the same amount as any city sales tax is released, reduced or raised; and providing for submission of the proposal to the qualified voters of the city for their approval at the (General) (Primary) election called and to be held in the City of Noel on April 2, 2024."

The board also voted to add ordinance number 23-105 to next year's ballot, which reads, "An ordinance imposing a sales tax at a rate of three percent on tangible personal property retail sales of adult medical or non-medical marijuana sold within the city of Noel, Missouri, pursuant to Article XIV, section 2.6(5) of the Missouri Constitution subject to the approval by voters of the city and designating the form of the ballot; and directing the city clerk to provide notice of said election."

The board approved ordinance number 23-107, "Financial Disclosure: Ordinance to Conform With Requirements of Section 105.485 RSMo -- An ordinance of the city of Noel, Missouri, to establish a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest and substantial interests for certain municipal officials. Be it enacted by the Noel, Missouri, board of aldermen of the City of Noel, Missouri."

The public works department noted that the city mower has been fixed, and a city salt and sand sprayer has been obtained. The sprayer, obtained at a discounted rate, requires a new motor. Flags on the streets will be coming down this week, with Christmas decorations to begin going up. The city's extra tractor will be scrapped, with the funds from scraps to go toward additional city needs or expenses.

It was noted a new part-time deputy joined the police department and is doing well thus far.

One letter of intent has been signed in relation to the Tyson closure from Texas Mineral Solutions, with the business possibly moving into the previous Tyson facility.

In other business of the council, the collector's report indicated incoming revenue of $105,207.68, and the treasurer's report reflected expenditures of $44,015.43.