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Alger sisters serve with Little Sisters Lawn Mowing

They hope to mow 50 yards for free this summer by Sally Carroll | May 18, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
Photo submitted/Special to the McDonald County Press The Alger sisters are volunteering their time this summer to help people with lawnmowing.

Kyrstan and Lyla Alger are looking for hard work.

In fact, the two youngsters hope to find more lawns to mow.

The 11- and 10-year-old sister "entrepreneurs" are actually public servants who hope to mow 50 yards for free this summer for those who can't. That includes senior citizens, disabled people, anyone who can't afford a lawnmower or pay for yard service.

They call their project, Little Sisters Lawn Mowing.

The idea first started with their mother, Kellsey Alger, who read about the Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service. The website stresses community service to others.

She broached the subject with her two older children, who were a tad reluctant to pursue 50 yards. The two younger sisters, however, jumped at the chance.

Fifty yards or more with no payment? Sweating and working in the heat?

"We want to help people and mow better," said Kyrstan, 11. "We take turns mowing."

Lyla, 10, admits the work is difficult. But she enjoys pushing the mower and considers it fun.

So far, the duo has tackled several yards in the Goodman/Bethpage area. Mom Kellsey said they've mowed for a veteran in Neosho, one person in Bethpage, two people in Goodman, and one person out by Longview.

They've had help in spreading the word. Preachers in Bethpage and Grandby have handed out flyers about their service. The family has posted a flyer at the Longview cafe. Mom has been a little surprised at the slow growth of the service; she initially thought they would be overwhelmed with calls.

But they've started small, helping out a couple of family members, church members and their former lunch lady at their school, who is now retired.

The two sisters are home-schooled, so they have afternoons and early evenings free. Mom carts them to lawns to mow, trying to keep customers within the McDonald County area so driving long hauls doesn't become a financial obstacle for the family.

The girls hope to accomplish 50 yards this summer and believe they're on their way to that goal.

Both are learning the value of serving others. Lyla said people thank them for mowing their yard. Kyrstan admits that mowing for someone certainly spreads happiness.

They enjoy giving back to their community.

"It's hard and you get sweaty, but it's a lot of fun," Kyrstan said.

For information or to schedule a mowing, call 417-389-0455.

  photo  Photo submitted/Special to the McDonald County Press Little Sisters Lawn Mowing will mow yards in the McDonald County area for senior citizens, disabled people and anyone who is in need of lawnmowing. Their service was inspired by the Raising Men and Women Lawn Care Service project, which stresses community service.
  photo  Photo submitted/Special to the McDonald County Press The Alger sisters pose with Gladys Rickman, a client of theirs. The Alger sisters hope to mow 50 yards this summer for those who need help.

Print Headline: Alger sisters serve with Little Sisters Lawn Mowing


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