MCHS hands out winter sports awards

Bennett Horne/McDonald County Press McDonald County High School wrestling coach Josh Factor (left) introduces members of his coaching staff during the banquet held for winter sports on Monday at the high school cafeteria. The staff, made up of (from left) Joshua Tyler, Alan Callahan, Beau Bennett, Reid Davis and (not pictured) Oscar Ortiz, was named the top staff in the district, while Factor was named the district’s coach of the year.

ANDERSON -- McDonald County High School celebrated its award winners from the winter sports of boys and girls wrestling, boys and girls basketball, cheerleading and dance during a ceremony held Monday, March 13, at the high school.

Here is the list of those athletes who received postseason honors and team awards, as well as the letter winners and four-year seniors:

Boys Wrestling


First Team: Blaine Ortiz, Colter Vick, Samuel Murphy, Jayce Hitt

Second Team: Eberson Perez, Robinson Yoshino, Malosi Sosef

Honorable Mention: Dominic Cervantes


First Team: Blaine Ortiz

Second Team: Robinson Yoshino, Samuel Murphy, Jayce Hitt, Levi Smith

Honorable Mention: Colter Vick, Malosi Sosef


State Qualifier: Samuel Murphy (first), Jayce Hitt (first), Blaine Ortiz (third), Colter Vick (sixth)

4-Year Seniors: Blaine Ortiz, Levi Smith, Cross Spencer

Letter Winners: Eberson Perez, Robinson Yoshino, Dominic Cervantes, Blaine Ortiz, Colter Vick, Malosi Sosef, Samuel Murphy, Jayce Hitt, Levi Smith, Cross Spencer

Team Awards

Most Improved: Colter Vick

Coaches Award: Blaine Ortiz

Coaches Award: Levi Smith

Most Outstanding Wrestler: Samuel Murphy

Most Outstanding Wrestler: Jayce Hitt

Girls Wrestling


First Team: Stacy Apolinar-Lopez

Second Team: Rylie Huston

Honorable Mention: Helen Martinez-Mazariegos, Gisel Aragon

Letter Winners: Ellysia Wasson, Jaslyn Benhumea, Rylie Huston, Jazzmyn Brewer, Stacy Apolinar-Lopez, Helen Martinez-Mazariegos, Gisel Aragon, Paden Vance, Ayden Ball, Brady Bogart, Huxley Wardlaw, LeAnne Matthews (manager), Laney Bice (manager)

Team Awards

Most Outstanding Wrestler: Stacy Apolinar-Lopez

Most Improved Wrestler: Helen Martinez-Mazariegos

Coaches Award: Gisel Aragon

Boys Basketball


First Team: Sterling Woods

Second Team: Cross Dowd

All Defense: Sterling Woods


Cross Dowd

4-year Seniors: Cross Dowd, Sterling Woods, Dalton McClain, Jaxson Harrell, Weston Gordon.

Letter Winners: Cross Dowd, Sterling Woods, Dalton McClain, Jaxson Harrell, Weston Gordon, Toby Moore, Destyn Dowd, Josh Pacheco, Cael Carlin, Anthony D'Amico, Makensie Allen (manager), Kennedy Bird (manager), Katelyn Meador (manager)

Team Awards

MVP: Sterling Woods

Most Improved: Kohl Arnold

Pure Hustle: Weston Gordon

Best Defensive Player: Destyn Dowd

Best Attitude: Jaxson Harrell

Girls Basketball


First Team: Carlie Martin

Honorable Mention: Carlee Cooper, Roslynn Huston

All Defensive: Katelynn Townsend


Carlie Martin

4-year Seniors: Megan Elwood, Analisa Ramirez

Letter Winners: Megan Elwood, Analisa Ramirez, Corina Holland, Carlee Cooper, Katelynn Townsend, Natalie Gillming, Anna Clarkson, Jacie Frencken, Roslynn Huston, Anissa Ramirez, Rylee Anderson, Carlie Martin, Layla Wallian, Tatym Trudeau, Jamie Washam, Paula Solano (manager), Alexcia Ramirez (manager), Jaylee Brock (manager)

Team Awards

Most Improved: Roslynn Huston

Most Improved: Anna Clarkson

Hustle Award: Carlee Cooper

Hustle Award: Megan Elwood

Defensive Player of the Year: Katelynn Thompson

MVP: Carlie Martin

Mustang Award: Analisa Ramirez


4-year Seniors: Skylor Taylor

Letter Winners: Abigail Pagel, Emma Huckabey, Kalista Morris, Leia Bryan, Skylor Taylor, Anniston Henighen, Autumn Lutes, Maddie Allison, Jaelyn Stipp, Kaleigha Morris, Kylin Gage

Team Awards

Most Improved: Kaedyn Campbell

Best Motion Technique: Kaleigh Morris

Mustang Award: Autumn Lutes

Most Spirited: Abigail Pagel

Best Teammate: Jaelyn Stipp


Academic All-State: Kelsie Lilly, Gracie Hollis, Makenzie Horton, Kaylee Banta.

Academic All-State Award of Excellence: Kynnan Hutchinson

4-year Seniors: Mariah Brown, Kynnan Hutchinson, Kylie Kimbrough.

Letter Winners: Kaylee Banta, Mariah Brown, Gracie Hollis, Kynnan Hutchinson, MaKenzie Horton, Dani LaCoe, Kelsie Lilly, Kylie Kimbrough, Diana Sanchez, Scout Watson, Diana Sanchez

  photo  Bennett Horne/McDonald County Press MCHS 2022-23 girls basketball plaque recipients.
  photo  Bennett Horne/McDonald County Press MCHS 2022-23 boys basketball plaque recipients.
  photo  Bennett Horne/McDonald County Press MCHS 2022-23 cheer plaque recipients.
  photo  Bennett Horne/McDonald County Press MCHS 2022-23 dance plaque recipients.
  photo  Bennett Horne/McDonald County Press MCHS 2022-23 boys wrestling plaque recipients.
  photo  Bennett Horne/McDonald County Press MCHS 2022-23 girls wrestling plaque recipients.