MCHS girls wrestlers wrap up busy week

The McDonald County girls wrestling team was defeated 48-12 on Tuesday afternoon at Cassville.

The Lady Mustangs scored one victory on the mat at 155 pounds as Helen Martinez-Mazariegos defeated Cassville's Rebekah Fry by fall in 3 minutes, 53 seconds.

Gisel Aragon was awarded a forfeit victory at 170.

Cassville's Kennedy Truman defeated Ellysia Wasson by fall (1:26) at 110, while Annie Moore beat Jaslyn Benhumea by fall (2:00) at 115, Faith James over Rylie Huston by fall (2:19) at 135 and Hailey Roark over Stacy Lopez-Apolinar by fall (0:47) at 145.

Cassville had forfeit wins at 120, 125, 140 and 190

Double forfeits were called at 100, 105, 130 and 235.

MCHS defeats Neosho, Webb City

The Lady Mustangs picked up two team wins at a tri-match Thursday, Jan. 12, at Neosho.

The Lady Mustangs defeated Neosho 30-6 and also beat Webb City 24-6.

The Lady Mustangs earned two wins on the mat against Neosho.

At 110, Ellysia Wasson defeated Neosho's Abby Manwiller by fall (4:38).

Gisel Aragon won at 170, defeating Carmen Penn by fall (4:19).

The Lady Mustangs got three forfeit wins: Jaslyn Benhumea (115), Jazmynn Brewer (145) and Stacy Lopez-Apolinar (155).

Double forfeits were called at 100, 105, 120, 125, 130, 135, 190 and 235.

Neosho's only win came at 140, where Jillian Ramirez beat Rylie Huston by fall.

Against Webb City, the Lady Mustangs earned two mat wins.

Jazmynn Brewer defeated Webb City's Layla Espinoza by fall at 145.

Gisel Aragon picked up a fall (3:56) win over Emma Combs at 170.

McDonald County got forfeit wins for Ellysia Wasson (110) and Jaslyn Benhumea (115).

Webb City's Kylie Jennings defeated Rylie Huston by fall (0:51) at 140.

Double forfeits were called at 100, 105, 120, 125, 130, 135, 190 and 235.

Labette County Girls Tournament

The Lady Mustangs participated in the Labette County Girls Tournament on Saturday, Jan. 15.

McDonald County had two first-place finishes on the day in Stacy Lopez-Apolinar at 155 and Gisel Aragon at 170.

Lopez-Apolinar won three fall matches, including beating teammate Candy Martinez-Mazariegos in the third round by fall (0:31).

Aragon also won three fall matches, with a final win by fall (1:09) against Columbus' Taryn Billings.

Kiera Pulliam finished second at 155, losing to Lopez-Apolinar in her opening match but winning the next two, including a fall (0:39) win over Harlie Edington of Altamont-Labette County.

Ellysia Wasson placed third overall at 110, going 3-1 on the day,

Jaslyn Benhumea went 2-1 and finished third at 115.

Jazmynn Brewer was fourth at 140 with a 2-3 record.

Candy Martinez-Mazariegos was fourth at 155 with an 0-3 record.

Rylie Huston placed fifth at 135, going 1-4, while Helen Martinez-Mazariegos finished fifth at 155, also going 1-4.

Up next

The MCHS girls were scheduled to wrestle in the Big 8 Conference Girls Tournament on Wednesday. Results were not available at press time. The Lady Mustangs are back in action on Jan. 26 at Marshfield.