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Religion: Scripture Is Our GPS

by By Kitty Collingsworth Mill Creek Baptist Church | January 12, 2023 at 5:00 a.m.

We had a large crowd who gathered to worship Sunday morning at Mill Creek Baptist Church. Linda Abercrombie was celebrating a birthday, and Doug Cory opened the service with prayer.

Special prayers of healing were requested for several, including Dot, Don, Donna and Raye Dean.

The adult Sunday school class lesson was from John 4:11-26 about the woman at the well. We are reminded that admitting our sin is the first step toward salvation. Believers must worship God in Spirit and truth and can find eternal peace through faith in Jesus Christ. Terry Lett taught children's Sunday school.

Linda shared a devotional, "Resolution or Commitment?" and read Ephesians 2:8-9. Our relationship with God is our commitment to Him. A commitment is more than a resolution because it is in our heart. A resolution is just in our mind. Is your relationship with God a commitment or resolution?

Rick Lett asked for God's blessing upon the offertory, and he and Mitchell Lett served as ushers. The congregation joined voices in singing hymns of praise led by Susan Cory and Karen Gardner, who also sang a special piece.

Phillip Martin brought us God's message, from Numbers 13 and 14, which serves as a reminder of choosing trust and belief in God. "Just like a GPS gives directions, so does the scripture, but you have to follow the directions to get where you want to go. You have to trust it to take you where you want to go with the route you choose. Likewise, we may not know the path God has set for us, but we must trust Him to get us there. If you doubt the path, you stop trusting and you go your own way. How can one see all the great things God does and still not believe?"

As Phillip continued and referred to the scripture, he told us that it is a story of not listening to God.

"How can He not take you further? We can have questions and still trust. Don't be an Israel. Don't give in to doubt. Put your doubts aside and seek wise counsel in a time of doubt."

Phillip told us that the book of Numbers goes on to talk about judgment on disobedience.

"How strong is your doubt that you want to go back to where you came from? And that you don't want to go further with all that is good from God? We will always fail miserably when we go our own way. In a moment of fear, have faith in God. Don't go on your own way. Don't rebel against the Lord. Don't compound your errors. Don't be an Israel. God is with you and will do as He promised. He is not done with us until He comes back. Will your name be in the Book of Life when He returns? Do you believe and trust in Him? Seek His trust, take a step of faith and seek His glory. God shows up. If we are people of God, we should trust Him. God gives us opportunities to show we trust Him. Do you live for the glory of God or for your own glory? Trust in the Lord. Do as He says. Take that step. Step out and follow Him."

We invite you to worship with us Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. at Mill Creek Baptist Church, located 3 1/2 miles east of Noel, just off Highway 90. Sunday school begins at 10 a.m., and Bible study is Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Everyone is always welcome.

-- The opinions expressed are those of the author.

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