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Summer School Supplies Delivered

by Rachel Dickerson | May 12, 2022 at 8:37 a.m.
RACHEL DICKERSON/MCDONALD COUNTY PRESS Workers unload supplies from Catapult Learning at McDonald County High School on Tuesday for the Summer Journey summer school program.

Catapult Learning delivered the Summer Journey summer school program supplies to several sites in the McDonald County School District on Tuesday.

Angie Brewer, high school principal and summer school coordinator, said, "Delivery day is a big day. It's all hands on deck."

She said a variety of classes are available at the high school's summer school program, including remedial courses, but also a number of electives, such as driver's education, personal finance, foreign language, PE, music, theater, health, etc. The high school also offers a dual credit American government class, she said. Some classes are also available online for students who are working during the summer.

At the elementary level, classes focus on enrichment and hands-on learning, she said. Schools have a theme such as "space" or "adventure" and incorporate the basic subjects of reading, math, science and social studies, she said.

Brewer said five sites in the district were receiving nine to 10 pallets of supplies each on Tuesday, containing everything from colored pencils to electronics (elementary classes study drones and computer coding). The boxes also contain items such as Legos and Frisbees, she said.

Students who attend summer school and do not miss any days can earn a $100 gift card. If they miss one day, they can earn a $75 gift card, and if they miss two days, they can earn a $50 gift card. The gift card is an incentive for attendance, Brewer said, however, if a family has a trip planned during summer school, students are still encouraged to attend when they can.

There will be field trips, outdoor days, and water days, she said. She added it is a more relaxed atmosphere for students to get to know their teachers.

The summer school will be June 1-30, and students may still enroll. It is free to students, and breakfast and lunch will be served, also free.

"It's a great place to send kids during June," Brewer said.

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