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Local Photographer Teaches MCHS Summer School Photography Class

by Alexus Underwood/Special to McDonald County Press | June 23, 2022 at 7:37 a.m.
PHOTO BY ALEXUS UNDERWOOD Students use the cameras and additional lighting while capturing photos of each other. Students work on their assignments in groups.

PINEVILLE -- Tracy Owen, a local photographer, is teaching a summer school photography class at McDonald County High School. Owen is teaching the class for the first time.

Tracy Owen, founder of Tracy Owen Photography and MCHS secretary, is teaching a photography class this summer, something that is not offered at MCHS during the school year. Owen said she started her business eleven years ago and wants to teach students the basics of photography.

When entering Owen's classroom, she was instructing students on how to take portraits of one another and explained the importance of having student photos that accurately display their faces and characteristics in the case of an emergency. Owen was showing students how to use additional lighting, how to stand, and what they should look for in a good photo.

Owen said, this summer, she is focusing on teaching students basics on topics like composition, the rule of thirds, how to use lighting, and posing.

Owen said a photography class had been offered at MCHS' summer school session before, but that the previous teacher was retiring, allowing Owen to take the reins.

"I expressed to Mrs. Brewer that I was very interested in teaching the class, although I've never taught it before," Owen said. "I was excited because I saw it on the schedule and, instead of it going away or an art teacher having to step in, I asked if I could do it," Owen said, noting Brewer's support.

Owen said she wanted to teach the class because she loves photography and wants to help students that share the same passion.

"I love photography and I thought, maybe if I can teach kids the passion that I have, maybe I could light a fire under them," Owen said, smiling.

Owen said she is teaching students how to take photos with their phones and cameras, noting Noel Elementary lent its cameras to the class for the summer. Throughout the course, students have worked on a photo journal, which includes different photo prompts each day, including some prompts such as mood, meaningful location, hanging object, and action.

Owen said she wants to teach students about her passion -- taking a break from her regular MCHS job -- and help the students in a new way.

  photo  PHOTO BY ALEXUS UNDERWOOD Students use photography equipment Owen uses while shooting photos. Owen said she shares her photos and other photographers' photos to help teach the students.
  photo  PHOTO BY ALEXUS UNDERWOOD Multiple cameras are available to students. Noel Elementary lent Owen cameras for the summer class.

Print Headline: Local Photographer Teaches MCHS Summer School Photography Class


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