LETTER: McDonald County trash service


I just wanted to say my husband and I were very satisfied with Doty trash service. Their driver always picked up our trash when expected. If there was a pickup time scheduled on a holiday, its office was kind enough to email us with an alternate date for pickup. We also feel it charged a fair price.

As a public servant, I feel it's important to recycle and to keep as much out of landfills as possible. Since Doty doesn't offer to recycle. We have always taken care of delivering our recyclables to the appropriate centers. I was and am disappointed when Doty discontinued our trash services due to the distance of their next customer. We are 1.3 miles from the customer that Doty says is too far away. We were told by its office that it was too expensive for its trucks to travel round trip that distance to pick up our trash. Someone told my husband that it was 6 miles round trip from our home to that customer. Do the math.

In addition, Doty office personnel mentioned other customers had discontinued their services on our rural road, and that was another factor. To say we are disappointed is an understatement. What is the expectation for trash disposal for homeowners in this area?

When we purchased this property a few years ago, we never thought trash disposal would be an issue. Our friends have purchased 60 acres adjoining our property. They are in the process of building. We expressed to them our frustration and the "lack" of trash service in eastern McDonald County. We have yet to find a replacement service due to location.

What are the residents of this county doing with their refuge? Are they hurting our environment by burning it or burying it? Maybe they are piling it somewhere?

What a sad picture that paints of the resources and services offered in McDonald County, Missouri! What are the residents supposed to do with their trash? Who is responsible? I think that's a story that needs to be written and someone needs to answer for it.

All the negative things mentioned about McDonald County, Missouri, are not true. There are good and decent people who live here on Songbird Road. Does Doty or Card care at all about people and the environment, or is it like what my husband was told by Doty's and Card's offices, the bottom line? You are businesses, and that's understood. But what you have done to us is not good business. I hope we can educate our children to care more about people and the environment than money.


Sherry Coffel

McDonald County