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Improvements, Annexation On Pineville Agenda

At Pineville’s city meeting, held on June 8, the board discussed various city improvements and voluntary annexation of territory on Jesse James Road. by Alexus Underwood / Special to McDonald County Press | June 10, 2021 at 9:04 a.m.

PINEVILLE -- The mayor and Pineville City Council, at the city meeting Tuesday, discussed numerous initiatives to improve the city, including bids for septic installation and street striping, and city beautification.

For old business, the board discussed two separate bids for septic to be installed at the Pineville Pumptrail and Bike Park, and bids for street striping. Both were tabled as more information is being gathered on specific expenses for both initiatives.

For new business, the board discussed Bill No. 2021-09, Ordinance 535, which was a voluntary ordinance annexing certain adjacent territory into the city of Pineville. Said property is located at 2109 Jesse James Road. The bill was passed unanimously by council members.

The council discussed the possibility of adding privacy fencing by the stoplight in Pineville, by Bethel Auto and Diesel Repair. According to Mayor Gregg Sweeten, it would cost approximately $2,500 for wood privacy fencing. This cost includes 15 panels, posts, brackets, and labor. The fencing would be approximately 120 feet long. The board tabled this initiative to further research costs to the city and fencing alternatives.

The council discussed windows on the city hall building. The windows, which have lost part of their tinting, are letting in too much sunlight for the building's fingerprint machines to be able to work properly. Sweeten said the cost for replacing each window is approximately $1,400. The mayor and council decided on using decals for the windows, which will be purchased from Four State Printing, rather than replacing the windows. The cost for all necessary windows to be replaced was quoted to be between $1,500 and $1,800 in total. The decals will display an image specific to Pineville. The board is to approve the image before print.

Also Tuesday, the board discussed a $6,449.52 FEMA recovery payment for the Pineville ballpark following flooding, movie on the square to be held June 19 showing Frozen II, streetlight repairs by the fire station and marshal's office, and for streetlights to be repaired by Pineville Christian Church. The board discussed different possible uses for the Pineville Green, which was tabled as more research needs to be conducted.

In other business on the council approved:

• Paying bills May-June -- $81,403.08.


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