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RELIGION: Do It For Jesus and The Glory of God

February 11, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

We welcomed several visitors to Mill Creek Baptist Church Sunday morning as we gathered to worship. David Collingsworth was celebrating a birthday, and happy birthday to Frankie Garvin. Prayers of healing and comfort were requested for many.

"Forgives" was the title of the adult Sunday school lesson from Luke 5:17-26 taught by Shelley Hall. "Jesus offers hope to those who seek Him, forgives all who come to Him in faith, and believers should praise God for His forgiveness of sin." Forgiveness of sins is our main need.

Linda Abercrombie read Joshua 21:43-45 and shared the devotional. "All Will Come to Pass." People in the Bible experienced problems just as we do today. As we experience the winter chill, we look forward to the springtime thaw. As we wander in the wilderness, a new season will emerge.

The congregation joined voices in singing hymns of praise led by Karen Gardner, with Susan Cory at the piano. Karen also provided special music.

After a short children's sermon about Jesus' love for us, Pastor Mark Hall brought us God's message from 1 Peter 4:7-11. Brother Mark talked about Christian suffering as we looked at the end of times in the sermon series, "Don't Forget to Remember."

He began by telling us that even the unbeliever believes this way of the world can't go on this way forever. In the scripture, Brother Mark talked about four commands and a goal.

"First, scripture tells us we need to seriously pray for the lost. The more time we pray for others, the less time we need to pray for ourselves. Second, we need to have fervent love for one another. The more you love others, the easier it is to love them. Third, we need to be hospitable to one another. The better you treat people, the better they will treat you. And fourth, verse 10 says, 'As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.'" Brother Mark told us that we have been given some kind of talent or skill or an opportunity to learn one. "We are to use that God-given gift as a ministry to others. No gift is inconsequential and no gift should be wasted or used entirely for yourself. We have all been given a gift to minister to one another. It is to be used for God's glory and as verse 10 tells us, 'without grumbling'. Don't fall into the devil's grumbling path. That diverts God's glory. We should do it for the glory of God, not for the 'atta boy.'"

After talking about the four goals, Brother Mark talked about the goal in 1 Peter 4:11. He told us that the bottom line is that it is all about Jesus.

"What we do should not be for our own recognition. Put Jesus' name on your good works, not your own. It is not for your own glory. Some folks are hard to love, hard to pray for and hard to help. That makes it hard to use our gifts, but remember we are doing it for Jesus."

Brother Mark talked about an extreme makeover on a person.

"Some people are hard to makeover, but we help them for Jesus and for His glory. Don't forget to remember that our creator is faithful and we should be doing good to everyone because it is for Him that we do good. As Christians, we should always have compassion for others regardless of how we feel about them, what they look like or what they have done. We do it in the name of Jesus. No one besides Jesus should be getting glorified."

Our invitation and chance to respond to God's call was "Where He Leads, I'll Go," and Wayne Holly gave the benediction.

We invite you to worship with us next Sunday on Valentine's Day and experience the love of Jesus Christ. Mill Creek Baptist Church is located 3 1/2 miles east of Noel just off Highway 90. Everyone is welcome.

Opinions expressed are those of the author.


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