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story.lead_photo.caption Sally Carroll/McDonald County Photo Krysti Sanny works with her computer and printer, readying to design and print a custom T-shirt. The home-based business in Goodman services the area with printed T-shirts, hoodies, banners, tumblers and more. Goodman Printing Company also ships orders across the country.

Krysti Sanny's business started with a pretty simple order. The creative designer wanted to print some shirts and hats for her boyfriend, Nelson Watson, who runs a fishing guide business.

Sanny thought it would be cool to help him promote his business, Fish On Guide Service. Pleased with the results, she began to experiment, learning more about the garment printing business and delving into more designs.

One idea lead to another. Sanny decided to advertise her Goodman Printing Company business. The business began to grow.

Now, just eight months later, Sanny finds that she services Goodman with banners, signs, vehicle decals, tumblers, T-shirts, hoodies and more. She mainly sells to people in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, but also ships to places across the country.

Banners and vehicle decals have really taken off. Businesses are in need of good, quality, creative designs. Word-of-mouth helps promote her business. Potential customers see items that businesses order. "That helps a lot," she said.

Sanny also takes the time to creatively design other items, such as printing pictures on T-shirts.

The process is one that Sanny enjoys immensely. When she started the business, she came to the table with a lot of computer experience. She also has a good eye for design and has the patience to play with colors and fabrics.

"I enjoy designing," she said. "People give me good feedback."

Sanny comes from a business background, working at the Goodman Mini-Mart and managing several stores. She's lived in Goodman for the past 15 years, so she knows a great deal of people and has a good base of customers.

One of the aspects she enjoys the most is utilizing her creativity for a relatively small amount of space. Sanny has just recently began developing business cards. She designs and sells 250 cards for just $20. "I just started playing with it," she said. "My phone has some neat designs on it. I've only started in the last month."

Sanny is not afraid to start new projects, or try something for the first time. She's honest and forthright with her customers, but is willing to give anything a shot.

"So far, it's worked out," she said, laughing.

Sanny's work space is neat and clean. She works from a computer and a printer, then takes the vinyl with the design printed on it and utilizes a heat press.

Right now, she orders items as she needs them. Her business, however, dictates a bigger scale. She and her boyfriend have decided to upgrade their outdoor shed, which is already wired and heated. That way, she can expand her services, be able to receive customers and print on demand.

"I can make it right there on the spot," she said.

From hoodies to banners and decals, the Goodman Printing Company can deliver.

Sanny believes in helping others with great designs.

"I like to see people being happy with the product."

General News on 01/09/2020

Print Headline: Getting Her Creative On: Sanny Enjoys Helping Customers

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