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Repairs throughout Blankenship Park were the topic of conversation during the regular meeting of the Southwest City board of aldermen on Tuesday.

Mayor David Blake said that material to replace the roofs of the concession stand and one dugout have been secured. Alderman Amber Killion suggested that surplus budget funds could be utilized for additional structure repairs at the park, such as the pavilion. Mayor Blake agreed. Killion noted that all repairs must be done before ball season begins.

The council received and reviewed two sealed bids for the repair of the Honey Creek dam in Blankenship Park, ranging from $12,000 to $15,000. The project scope would require that close to 40 loads of clay and rock be compacted around the dam to prevent continued wash-out.

"I worry we'll spend thousands of dollars, then have all our work washed away in a flood. I don't want to bury that much money and have it flow into Grand Lake," Blake said. "But, it's a matter of getting that hole plugged so our lake fills back up."

After much discussion, no decision was made and the matter was tabled.

The council also scheduled a public hearing regarding proposed water system improvements for 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 19, at the Anne Croxdale Memorial Library. Council members agreed that, if the bond issue passes, the waterline that crosses Honey Creek would be the first priority. Public Works Director Shane Clark explained that he is unable to maintain the north tower while the aforementioned line is turned off without temporarily removing water service from the south side of town.

Unfinished Business

Police Chief Bud Gow and Public Works Director Clark revisited the topic of Pet Manager software through Thoroughbred Systems. City Clerk Krystal Austen previously suggested the software but was denied.

"We would really like to have this system. To the point that Shane and I would be willing to offer half of the $200 cost from our budgets," Gow said.

The software would benefit both departments, as the police department issues violations for at-large animals and the street department oversees the unclaimed animals. Pet Manager tracks pet and owner information, vaccination and licensing records and at-large reports.

The council approved the purchase of Pet Manager with contributions from assisting departments.

Departmental Reports

Fire Chief Shane Clark reported that, since the last meeting, the department has responded to six medical calls and extinguished one grass fire. He also said painting at the fire station is nearly complete, but action still needs to be taken regarding the floor. It is currently painted, but wear and tear are beginning to show. Mayor Blake said it will need the paint stripped and tile laid.

Police Chief Bud Gow reported, since the last meeting, the department has issued two tickets, responded to one motor vehicle accident, assisted with three lock-outs, took one report, received two animal complaints, provided assistance to neighboring agencies four times and recovered one stolen vehicle. Gow told the council he acquired a portable, self-contained PA system valued at $7,000 from a Department of Defense grant.

He also noted that Officer Rick Lance has recently completed his 24-hour P.O.S.T. update for the year.

Public Works Director Shane Clark reported that the street department has filled and smoothed Honey Lake Acres Road. He said he has been busy conducting locates for upcoming electric pole replacements throughout the town.

In other business, the council:

• Approved revisions to the current utility customer applications;

• Approved the quarterly purchase of postage at a cost of $210;

• Approved the transfer of $2,566.34 from the General Fund to Training Fund to cover the cost of Gworks Software training.

• Paid bills in the amount of $6,515.50.

General News on 02/27/2020

Print Headline: SWC Board Discusses Blankenship Park Repairs

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