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September is one of those "in-between" months. September stands in between the last days of summer and the first days of fall. September is a one-of-a-kind month; she has her own song to sing. September's song is a joyful song, a melody for all those "in-between" times in life. As Helen Hunt Jackson writes --

"The goldenrod is yellow; The corn is turning brown;

The trees in apple orchards with fruit are bending down;

By all these lovely tokens September days are here;

With summer's best of weather and autumn's best of cheer."

September stands in between the changing seasons.

She has learned to make the best of her situation. Her melodies are filled

with haunting memories of the past; her tunes look forward with

anticipation to the days ahead. September reminds us that we must

all learn to make the best of whatever situation we're in!

September reminds us that we always live in the "in-between"

times: we live between childhood and adolescence; we struggle

with the times between our teen years and our adult years; we move

from the days of being an adult to the days of being a senior citizen.

Life is always moving and changing! We are never settled. We never arrive. Our journey takes us from one life state to the next. We would love to settle down, to settle in -- but life moves on! We would be content to stay where we are, but life beckons us into the future. Life moves too swiftly; we try to put on the brakes to slow life down. It doesn't work! So, we get frustrated and angry. We try to keep life stable and comfortable; we like what we know. It doesn't work! So, we live in uncertainty and fear. Then we come to September! If only we could learn to be like September! Learn to live life well in whatever "season" we find ourselves; learn to dance with great joy through all the "in-between" times; learn how to move from one season of life to the next with Godly grace -- remembering that the same God who made September also made you and me! So, celebrate "summer's best weather and autumn's best cheer."

For this is a great season to be alive and well in God's world! Let's sing September's song with all the enthusiasm we have!

September hums a catchy tune -- let's learn to sing along!

Don Kuehle is a retired United Methodist minister who lives in Jackson. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Religion on 09/05/2019

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