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Goodman Mayor Greg Richmond called for more decency and a little more decorum at future city council meetings.

Richmond told the group gathered Tuesday night for the regular city council meeting that he tried to handle meetings in an easy-going way, but that the last few meetings had gotten out of hand.

"When people start yelling and treating each other disrespectfully, I don't think that's the way of doing business. When yelling is going on, I hate to be a part of it."

He added that meeting minutes can't be kept accurately with various conversations taking place.

Those who wish to bring business before the council should be placed on the agenda prior to the council meeting.

Deadline is closing time on Thursday, a week prior to the meeting. Those who run out of time to be placed on the agenda may sign in the night of the meeting, he said.

In other action, the board agreed to cut down some berm by resident Craig Wilson's house. Wilson, who lives on Whitmore Street, is experiencing a great deal of flooding when it rains a lot. The runoff from the rain comes in every direction, flooding his house, he said. City officials have already surveyed the area and determined that cutting down some berm may help.

During other business, the new alderwoman, Beth Hallmark, asked the council to pass action that would allow IT staffers to restrict access to social media sites and gambling sites for city employees. The council approved the action.

Further, she suggested the city work on documenting job descriptions and trying to create a flowchart so problem areas could be addressed. That suggestion was recently mentioned by the city's auditor. Richmond said city officials will look into the matter.

City council members also are considering placing cameras around the city hall. Members are to review options, and discussion will take place a future meeting.

The board also:

• Discussed organizing a survey for residents, and possibly businesses, to gain feedback. The effort is being led by Hallmark.

• Heard more information from Hallmark regarding options for using a temporary hiring agency.

General News on 09/05/2019

Print Headline: Mayor Calls For More Decency, Decorum

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