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Even after the storm and the damage that many sustained, all were grateful to be able to gather in God's house Sunday morning at Mill Creek Baptist Church and give thanks to Him for many blessings. Kenneth and Sheri White were celebrating a 38th wedding anniversary, and last week's birthdays included Ashton Cory and Kenneth White. Special prayers were requested for many, and Doug greeted our many visitors.

Linda Abercrombie shared the devotional, "The Troubles You Can See Right Now," and read II Corinthians 4:16-18. We should fix our gaze on things that can't be seen, not just things seen now -- the momentary troubles. God is all the light needed. Live life as if everything sad will come untrue. There will be a happy ending.

Congregational hymns included "Revive Us Again" and "Heavenly Sunlight," led by Susan and Karen with special music by Karen. Rick Lett and Tyrel Lett served as ushers and collected the offertory.

Pastor, Brother Mark Hall, read Mark 6:45-56 and shared God's message of "Wind Walkers." Brother Mark compared wind walker to windy talkers.

"Many are no strangers to walking in the wind and doing great works, but it is easy to sit in church Sunday morning and read John 14:12, but then when the winds of life blow, it is easy to give up. God didn't create people to be quitters, He created all for greatness." In John 14:12, Jesus says, "Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father."

Brother Mark continued by saying, "Visualize the creation. God is the perfect creator. He didn't create people to fail, but to follow the instructions for greatness."

There are three instructions to follow to perform His works for greatness. First -- prepare. (Mark 6:46 says, "And when He had sent them away, He departed to the mountain to pray.") Wind walkers give their best in private, not in public. God does not prepare thee for anything without a purpose. Wind walkers play like they practice -- not just in public. Preparation is needed because Goliath will come down the street and you must be prepared like David or be consumed."

Brother Mark said our second instruction is that wind walkers must walk with resilience and referred to Mark 6:47-48. He said, "The wind was against them."

When resilient, don't allow the absence of help to hinder one's advancement. Don't allow the lack of assistance to keep thee from accomplishing the assignment. Don't use obstacles as an excuse to not advance. Don't let other people's advantages keep thee from getting started. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

A resilient attitude says, "That even though they had a head start, you can't let that keep all from walking in the wind to accomplish greatness. Bounce back like Jonah, Sampson and Jesus. Wind walkers have the ability to bounce back. When resilient, don't let the lesser version of yourself get the best of the best version of yourself. Accept nothing less than God's best for each one's life. Resilience is not quitting. Don't give the world more than what is given to God. When you are a wind walker, everyone walks with God. Jeremiah wanted to quit when he was trying to help people and was attacked by them, but he didn't. When resilient, the winner in everyone won't let the quitter quit, so all quit quitting."

Lastly, Brother Mark talked about why everyone should walk in the wind and read Mark 6:53-56 and said, "Wind walkers understand the purpose of the progress. What God gives isn't for anyone alone. God gives all the opportunity to help others. Whatever God blesses with, He gives an opportunity to be a blessing. That's the best. Is anyone touchable? Is oneself touchable to be a blessing to others for God? Even though the wind may be against oneself, all walk in the wind with God's resilience. God may put us where we are not just for us, but to be a blessing for others. Is anyone touchable? God gives blessings, in order that all are a blessing to others. That is why people walk in the wind and why people don't quit. Everyone needs to walk in the wind, not just ride it out. God didn't create everyone to lose. God gave a boldness to walk in the wind and carry His message."

Our hymn of invitation was "Lord, I'm Coming Home," and Dwayne Hazelton gave the benediction.

Everyone is welcome to come worship at Mill Creek Baptist Church. Sunday school begins at 10 a.m. and morning service at 11 a.m. Mill Creek Baptist Church is located 3½ miles east of Noel or 8½ miles west of I49, just off Highway 90, on Upper Mill Creek Road.

Religion on 09/05/2019

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