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We just observed Memorial Day. I hope that you realize that, even though we may set aside one day a year to recognize our fallen heroes, it should not be just one day a year that we say thanks to our best.

This day has become one that we use to remember all of those we love who have gone before us. But, the real reason is to recognize those who have served us so that we can live in a free nation.

There are a lot of stupid people running around in this country saying a lot of stupid things. Some may put me in that same category, and that's okay. I believe what I believe and others believe what they believe. But we are allowed to say what we believe because men and women have died and are still willing to die to buy us that right to do so.

Far too many in this country go about their merry way trashing this nation and talking about how bad we are. They basically propose throwing out everything we stand for to be replaced with systems that have been proven to fail -- yet they still preach their merits.

Far too many want to dismiss and bury the memory of those who went before us. There is even a Democratic presidential hopeful who thinks we should remove Thomas Jefferson's name from certain places. And why? Because Jefferson had slaves and knew it was wrong.

Slavery was a bad stain in our history but it happened. While we should condemn what occurred, we can't remove it from our collective memories or erase everyone involved from our thoughts. How close are we coming to make George Orwell a true prophet with his writings in the book "1984"?

I think that this particular candidate should read Matthew 7:3 which is, "why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?" But, of course, that would be admitting that his sins are just as big as someone else's.

So we have a large number of people in this country -- citizens and non-citizens who think that this nation is bad. But yet they continue to avail themselves of government services provided (often times without cost to them) by this very bad government.

And in the midst of all this is the American soldier -- men and women of all creeds and colors standing tall to give them the right to speak out against what many of them hold dear. And before them, millions of others who gave their all to give us the freedom so many take for granted.

I am unabashedly patriotic and proud to be a veteran. I may not agree with those who oppose my beliefs but I would be willing to die to give them that right. I'm just sorry they don't understand that concept.

Kevin Wilson is a former state representative who was born in Goodman and now lives in Neosho. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 05/30/2019

Print Headline: Recognizing Our Best

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