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I will readily acknowledge that I am not the sharpest tool in the box, but I am really having trouble making heads or tails out of what liberals really stand for with regards to taxation. Now, I have no problem understanding that they want the government to spend more, but what I can't figure out is the "how to fund" part of it.

Currently, there are right around two-dozen little liberals all running around the country fighting to be farther to the left than the other 23. It would be a great show (kind of like The Little Rascals) if it wasn't such a serious threat to the future of our nation.

I haven't quite kept up on all of the candidates since new ones keep popping up like gophers, but when you look at the main ones they are all multi-millionaires. Poor Bernie may not be a multi-millionaire yet but should be soon.

So all these very rich people run around saying how bad capitalism is and how we should redistribute the wealth while sitting pretty in their very nice houses and their very lucrative nest eggs. And once you add in all the entertainment elitists, it really does make for a nice little group of hypocrites.

It appears that they want to tax the super-rich just so long as they don't fall into that category. And it seems that they really have a problem with anyone making money off a capitalistic system -- except, of course, themselves. They really don't want to give up their own wealth -- just everyone else's.

If you doubt me, then look up how much the candidates gave to charitable causes last year. Percentage-wise, they are far below where they should be -- if they really believed in what they are preaching.

Instead, they want everyone else to share with those less fortunate in the form of government programs. Pretty nice of them to allow the rest of us to fund those programs for everyone who presents themselves as needy -- all the while they can drive luxury cars and spend more in a month than most of us make in a year (or several).

If I seem to be pretty snarky and sarcastic, then so be it. I am pretty tired of listening to a bunch of privileged elitists tell me that I should be ashamed of being successful. That if I make too much money, then I should be readily willing to share with those that are not as successful so that we can shrink the wealth gap in this nation.

Do they not understand that the capitalistic system is what has given them the opportunity to be multi-millionaires? Do they not realize that socialism has never worked and will never work because it discourages ingenuity and a drive to succeed?

Unfortunately, I don't think that they realize how they got to where they are. They just know they don't want others to get there on their own merit. It seems that they are long on hypocrisy and short on logic.

Kevin Wilson is a former state representative who was born in Goodman and now lives in Neosho. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 06/06/2019

Print Headline: Liberal Logic?

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