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What could be better on a wintry day than to sit by a warm fireplace? The fire gives off light and the darkness flees. The fire gives off warmth, and we are no longer cold. Just as God gives us both the fire and the fireplace, so God also sends into our lives people who give the light of their wisdom and understanding and the warmth of their love and grace. And at times, God sends us words of wisdom and warmth in the words of a poem.


"I always get mixed feelings every year at this time;

They come as I reflect on the days I left behind.

It seems like yesterday that New Year's was here;

But here we are again beginning another new year.

365 days were given me with special opportunities galore;

One by one they have gone -- never to be restored,

Time is a gift from God, allotted to every man;

It is mine to use and to do the best I can.

It is not in the past that I'll seek to stay;

It is in the future -- which begins today!" ... Author Unknown


"We ain't what we oughta be -- We ain't what we gonna be

We ain't what we wanna be -- But thank God we ain't what we was!"


"I will not hurry through this day! Lord, I will listen by the way,

To humming bees & singing birds -- To murmuring trees and friendly words;

And for those moments in between, seek glimpses of Thy great unseen.

I will not hurry through this day -- I will take time to think and pray;

I will look up into the sky, where fleecy clouds and swallows fly;

And somewhere in the day, maybe, I will catch whispers, Lord from Thee."

..... Ralph Cushman

So, let's learn to hasten slowly through life; let's take/make the time to read and meditate, make/take the time to enjoy the warmth of family ties and the glow of close friendships. This world is cold, harsh, and dark -- so let's learn to rely on God to warm our hearts with His love, comfort us with His divine Care, and cause us to bask in the His glorious Light!

Don Kuehle is a retired United Methodist minister who lives in Jackson. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Religion on 01/31/2019

Print Headline: Warm Thoughts For A Wintry Day

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