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Monett Open

8U 60A pounds

Carson Misner, first place (Champion)

8U 70B pounds

Blayde Pagel, first place (Champion)

10U 65 pounds

Kemper Englert, fourth place

10U 75B pounds

Riley Cooper, second place

10U 90 pounds

Sam Pacheco, second place

12U 130-140 pounds

Trey Hardin, third place

6U State

6U 55C pounds

Finnley O'Brien, first place (Champion)

6U 55A pounds

Hunter Lasch, third place

6U 46C

Lucas Peck, DNP

Sunday Cassville

6U 60 pounds

Eli Gent, first place (Champion)

8U 55B pounds

Shawn Farmer, second place

10U 75 pounds

Riley Cooper, fifth place

10U 90 pounds

Sam Pacheco, first place (Champion)

Odessa Open

8U 60A pounds

Christian Benhumea, first place (Champion)

8U 70 pounds

Christopher Ramirez, third place

10U 80 pounds

Stevan Benhumea, first place (Champion)

12U 100 pounds

Gunner Cooper, DNP

14U 180-195 pounds

Samuel Murphy, first place (Champion)

Rookie State

8U 90 pounds

Zane Burrows, DNP

10U 60 pounds

Camden Ball, DNP

10U 75A pounds

Adam Bogart, second place

10U 100A pounds

Lyssa Jackson, second place

10U 120 pounds

Andrew Bogart, DNP

12U 60-70 pounds

Tanner Burton, second place

12U 80 pounds

Dominic Cervantes, DNP

12U 95 pounds

Ayden Ball, fifth place

12U 115 pounds

J.T. Clemons, DNP

12U 150 pounds

Alex Bogart, DNP

14U 90 pounds

Triston Burton, second place

14U 130 pounds

David Bartholomew, third place

The club heads to Lebanon, Mo., for Missouri Nationals this weekend.

Sports on 01/31/2019

Print Headline: McDonald County Youth Wrestling Results

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