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The city of Goodman is still awaiting a conclusion to the civil case between two mayoral candidates more than four months after the election.

Mayoral hopeful J.R. Fisher was a write-in candidate for Goodman mayor during the April 2 election and Greg Richmond was the incumbent. Richmond was certified as the winner in the election, with 49 votes, while Fisher received 48 votes.

A lawsuit filed on May 4 by William Weber on behalf of Fisher challenges these results and requests a recount of the ballots. In the lawsuit, Fisher says the total count of all the votes for mayoral candidates doesn't add up. The lawsuit claims that 13 votes were not counted.

Fisher claims, "Contestant states that there are issues of validity with the votes casted, specifically that votes were cast for him that were not counted because of the way they were cast, and RSMo Chapter 115 requires that the votes be recounted 'if the validity of a number of votes equal to or greater than the margin of defeat is placed in doubt.'"

Judge Gregory Stremel ordered the ballots unsealed on July 9, Weber filed a motion to recount the votes on July 15, and Farber filed a pending motion to dismiss on July 30.

According to, the court has allowed 14 days for Weber to provide a statute supporting his case before a decision will be made.

General News on 08/08/2019

Print Headline: Goodman still awaiting conclusion to civil case between mayoral candidates

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