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Noel officials are making improvements in the city, from anticipating repair of streets to repainting some Christmas decorations.

Mayor Lewis Davis identified a few streets that seem to need repairs most, including two that are behind Cotton Eyed Joe's restaurant. He asked council members on Tuesday night to review the condition of roads around town to see if there are other roads that need work more.

At the Tuesday night meeting at city hall, council members also discussed setting a work day for volunteers to repaint and repair some older Christmas decorations in preparation for the upcoming holidays.

Fourteen new pole decorations were added this year, but others need some new paint and a fresh look.

Volunteers will gather in the coming weeks for a designated workday.

In other business, the council voted to accept the Noel Zoning Commission's recommendation to keep a property zoned as Z-1 and not be changed to Z-2. The resident requesting the rezoning would like to have an apartment upstairs and have a double electric meter. To have the meter, the building would need to be rezoned.

Allie Peck, a city council member and zoning commission member, said the property simply isn't big enough to meet the rezoning requirements. Davis added that there is a lack of off-street parking as well.

Council members agreed to leave the property zoning unchanged.

Business on Tuesday night also included an agreement to reimburse "I'm Your Huckleberry" animal rescue for some of the expenses the non-profit incurred in taking in at least 20 dogs that were running loose in Noel.

General News on 10/11/2018

Print Headline: Noel City Council To Repair Roads, Christmas Decorations

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