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The Pineville Board of Aldermen, in its meeting Tuesday, discussed a possible sewer addition on Pleasant Ridge Road.

Mayor Gregg Sweeten said Kenton Johnson was at a previous meeting asking about getting sewer at his property on Pleasant Ridge Road, and Sweeten asked public works superintendent Chris Tinsley to look into it.

Tinsley reported the job would require about 600 feet of sewer line and materials would cost about $14,000, and it would service five or six houses.

Alderman Scott Dennis said, "We put that in there and it might be 10 years before we start seeing return."

The board noted there are several people building in the area.

Dennis said, "We need some way on these developers to refund it after the houses go in. We are putting too many sewer lines for what could happen. There's got to be a way to rebate it over time on those properties."

Sweeten said he would speak with Johnson further about the issue.

The board had a discussion following remarks from Alderman Ann Crowder-Sanders regarding a recent fire. She said she was concerned that the fire department had Tinsley bring the city's backhoe to the fire. The city has a policy against taking city equipment onto private property, and she was concerned the city could be sued if Tinsley got hurt operating the backhoe at a fire. She explained the policy originated because of an incident in which an employee was fired over taking city equipment onto private property. She also reported she was receiving complaints from residents that the owner of the house that burned had received special treatment.

Sweeten said the fire department, of which he is a member, had been at the scene for eight hours when they brought in the backhoe to move debris to allow firefighters to get to the fire.

"I'd do the same for your house or anybody's house in town," he said.

Dennis reported he and the planning commission are working with the Missouri Extension Office and the Master Gardeners and have asked them for a design with trees and shrubs for the trail going to the bike park.

Marshal Chris Owens reported he has had a problem with two of the laptops in two of the department's vehicles. They have to be rebooted a couple of times and then they might or might not work, he said. He estimated it would cost about $500 each to replace them. The board approved up to $1,200 to replace the laptops.

The board approved bills in the amount of $25,239.

General News on 10/11/2018

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