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"Sweet April showers do spring May flowers." So said Thomas Tussen in 1557.

Daniel Whittle wrote these words in his wonderful hymn: "There shall be showers of blessings; this is the promise of love. There shall be showers refreshing sent from the Savior above!" We've had our April showers; showers of rain and showers of blessings. Now we look forward to those beautiful May flowers: iris, peonies, lilies-of-the-valley, daisies, lilacs, hawthorn blossoms. Each flower is a symbol of some human sentiment.

Irises symbolize a "message." Peonies stand for "shame." Lilie's-of-the-valley represent a "return to happiness." Daisies symbolize "thoughtfulness." Lilacs stand for "first love." The blossoms of the hawthorn tree represent "hope." What a joy it would be to send someone a beautiful bouquet of May flowers!

I enjoy picking a bouquet of iris flowers for someone I love and care about; iris flowers send a message: "I care about you and I want to share some of life's beauty with you -- may this bouquet brighten your day!" Peonies remind me of my shame. How quickly I forget to show someone my thanks or appreciation. How easily I forget to send someone a bouquet of praise or comfort. Life is too short; we need to recognize the good that people do! It's a shame when we fail to show our appreciation or praise or gratitude. God has given us lilies-of-the-valley as a reminder that "happiness does return."

After the storm comes the rainbow; after sorrow comes joy; after turmoil comes peace and calm; after death comes eternal life. It's God's promise! Daisies were our wedding flower. So every May, I pick a bouquet of field daisies for Karen -- good thoughts of our wedding day and of all the good days since. Bouquets of lilacs are always appropriate, as we remember our "first love." Whether it's our spouse or whether it's our Lord and Savior, our "first love" stays with us always. And, as we gaze at the blossoms of the hawthorn tree, our "hope" is renewed. For God is in His world, God is still in full control, and all is well! For God has filled His world with wonder and beauty, peace and love, joy and hope!

Ira B. Wilson, in his great hymn, penned these words, "Make me a blessing, O Savior I pray; Make me a blessing for someone today!" God has blessed us with April showers and with May flowers. He has blessed us with countless opportunities to nourish and encourage those around us and to add a bit of beauty to their lives.

May is a wondrous time to send bouquets. As we remember people in our families, our friends, people we meet in our daily rounds and people we hardly know. Because God has showered us with blessing, May is the perfect time to shower others with blessing -- be a blessing to someone today!

So, let's send someone a bouquet, a bouquet of praise for a job well done, a bouquet of appreciation for what they mean to us, a bouquet of encouragement in a time of need, a bouquet of comfort and hope in times of suffering and loss, a bouquet of Godly love, a reminder that God's love conquers all! Bouquets come in various forms: letters, phone calls, personal visits, emails, acts of kindness, and even actual bouquets of May flowers.

May is the month to remember others with special "bouquets." May, however, will soon be gone, and so will the opportunities to do good and to remember the people we care about. Let's give our "bouquets" while there is ample time to do so!

Don Kuehle is a retired United Methodist minister who lives in Jackson. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 05/10/2018

Print Headline: April Showers And May Flowers

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