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To the Senators in Washington, D.C.,

The tariffs which are now being used by Trump are by definition a sales tax, one that neither you nor I voted for. Most people think a tariff is paid for upfront by the exporter, but the tariff tax is paid by the importer and the exporter is out no upfront cost. These tariff taxes are paid by the importer -- in this case, American businesses -- and are collected by U.S. customs and go into U.S. treasury like any other tax.

Additionally, the increase in the cost of items tariff related increases the sales tax you and I pay. Wilber Ross, the guru in charge of these tariffs, said that the cost would be insignificant for the consumer. Based on vehicle sales for 2017, 17.2 million units were sold. It will cost the American consumer three-billion dollars in additional taxes on vehicles alone.

My questions to you are: Do you feel taken advantage of by these taxes that you have not been given the right to vote on? Do you feel that Congress should have its say on tariffs and taxes? Or, is tax strictly an executive branch prerogative? I am being a little facetious, but I believe we need checks and balances and Congress needs to step in and protect Americans from taxation without representation!

Question: Are these taxes being used to cover the shortfall caused by the decrease in corporate taxes?

James P. Gann

U.S. Army Retired

Pineville, Mo.

Editorial on 07/05/2018

Print Headline: Taxation Without Representation!

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