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story.lead_photo.caption RACHEL DICKERSON/MCDONALD COUNTY PRESS Matthew Mora (left), Hailey Staib and Reese Walsh take their lunch break during freshman academy at McDonald County High School on Tuesday.

The annual freshman academy was held Tuesday at McDonald County High School, giving freshmen a chance to experience a trial run of a day of school.

Principal Julie Holloway said, "It definitely helps our freshman class. When you have six community junior highs, it's a big transition to come to one high school. For them just to learn the physical layout of the building, find their classes, meet their teachers and learn our breakfast and lunch program -- all of this can reduce anxiety and fear that can be very real to a new student."

She said there are 287 freshmen, however, "When school starts, there will be 1,100 students in this building. It's important to give freshmen a day to themselves in the high school. That way when they get ready to come next Wednesday, they know where their classes are, they know their teachers. We want them to be confident and comfortable so we can start having school."

"I think it's a great way for the kids to come to the school without all the traffic of the upperclassmen, and especially with us having six schools that feed into the high school," counselor Leslie Kasischke said of freshman academy.

She added that giving students a chance to meet those from other schools makes things "a little less awkward."

Counselor Sonja Conner said, "I think it's a great opportunity for them to be in the building alone before the upperclassmen are here, to locate their classrooms and get familiar with the school. We had a really good turnout. A lot of kids came today, so I'm excited."

A few students shared their thoughts on freshman academy.

Libby Cisneros of Anderson said, "It's well organized. It's going to make it easier to know where my classes are."

She said she was already somewhat familiar with the high school because her brother runs track and she is in the band.

Jessie McCormick of Anderson said, "It's fun so far because there are lots of kids here that are in your grade and you get to see who's going to be in your class."

Matthew Mora of Anderson said, "I think it's really helpful because it shows you where all your classes are and doesn't make you feel lost."

Hailey Staib said, "You get to see who's in your class ahead of time so you know where to sit. I'm really looking forward to the school year. Making new friends, becoming friends with everyone."

"I like seeing all my friends and everyone from school," said Bo Leach of Southwest City.

Reese Walsh said of the day, "It's helpful. Without all the upperclassmen, it's easier to get around the school."

General News on 08/09/2018

Print Headline: MCHS Welcomes Freshmen At Freshman Academy

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