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I love watching "commercials" on TV! Some of the commercials are better than the TV Shows. Our lives are deeply affected by the commercials we watch.

• Commercials are designed to control our lives;

• Commercials tell us what's important in life, and what is not;

• Commercials define for us what it means to be "successful," what it takes to have "the good life"; and

• Commercials dictate what is "right" as well as what is "wrong" for us.

Commercials are designed to sell us stuff we don't actually need. In the beginning, God created a wondrous world. God then created Man and Woman and gave them a home in His world. They called it Paradise. Why? Because God had provided Adam and Eve with everything they needed to enjoy "the good life." Life was good. Life was satisfying. Life was a joy.

God still works that way today -- this is still His world. God still provides enough resources to satisfy the needs of every man, woman and child on this earth.

In the beginning, the serpent or satan sold Man and Woman on the idea that they ought to have more than they needed. They bought the serpent's lie; they became dissatisfied, disgruntled with the life they had and disenchanted with God. So, Adam and Eve rebelled against God. Their selfishness and greed created a wall between themselves and God. In other words, Man and Woman sinned. They had it all and they lost Paradise!

Why in this world would anyone want more than they need? Yet, that is precisely the foundation upon which commercials rest. Could that be why we are so dissatisfied, disgruntled, disenchanted with our lives? Would our lives be better, more satisfying, if we learned to live with what we have? If we refused to give in to selfishness and greed?

Commercials are often misleading. Some manufacturers make and sell products that they know will not work. They're liars. But, by the time we buy the products, try them out and discover they don't work, the manufacturers have made millions of dollars. Shades of Eden! The serpent lied to Eve and she persuaded Adam, based on that lie.

God, however, is always truthful! God never lies! God is reliable! We can believe whatever he says! God will never lead us astray!

Commercials do not paint a true picture of life! Commercials are filled with handsome men and beautiful women; they are always successful; they are at the top of the business ladder. The fact is, what we see in the commercials often has little to do with the product being sold.

God always paints a true picture of life. Whom would you trust more if you wanted a picture of "the best life?" Almighty God, who created and designed life, who put everything together and knows perfectly how life is supposed to be lived? or, the creators of the commercials?

My vote goes to GOD!

Don Kuehle is a retired United Methodist minister who lives in Jackson. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Religion on 08/09/2018

Print Headline: Life Is More Than A Commercial

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