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story.lead_photo.caption Courtesy Photo These custom navy stools, created by Christina Boyd, are a simple way to add some color to an existing gray and white palate. Boyd, who assists homeowners with redesigns, construction projects and building custom furniture, says spring trends include adding color, prints and patterns to make a home feel more vibrant, colorful and alive.

People want to tell a story inside their house and that means several new trends popping up this spring.

Bold color -- even a dash -- can bring to life a kitchen or make a simple statement.

"Whites and grays created a clean, sterile palate," said Christina Boyd, who assists homeowners with redesigns, construction projects and building custom furniture. She and her husband own Boyd's Handyman Service, as well as Blackberry Lane Furniture.

She sees several new trends completely changing the way people decorate for the future.

While whites and grays provided a clean look, colors and designs will help homes "come alive," Boyd said.

Boyd is a member of several groups who consult with each other about upcoming trends. The consensus is that folks have played it safe in the past and are ready to buy new items and experiment with color.

"People are feeling good about themselves. You want to feel alive in whatever space you're in," Boyd said. "You want to feel you are on vacation all the time. Who cares? It's your house."

Trends are focusing on a real mix of patterns this year, as well as bringing back some strong prints.

Stripes with polka dots, animal print, African art, and a world-travel theme are all ideas Boyd sees taking shape.

Colors which are being added to the palate this spring include navy, green, purple and lilac.

One customer, in particular, wanted to add a bit of color to her kitchen but wasn't sure which way to focus. She asked Boyd to choose a color. Boyd introduced some navy chairs and it changed the whole landscape.

"It breathed life into her kitchen," Boyd said.

Even painting a wall in tangerine or pairing a room with some yellow chairs can bring a real splash of updated color and added comfort to a living space, she said.

Other trends include mixing pieces with the rustic farmhouse look. Some of the same furniture may be showcased, but customers are adding color. The rustic farmhouse look is still trendy, but white furniture is being transformed into different colors.

Stools and benches are in, but traditional coffee tables are not staying put, she said. Some are using end tables for coffee tables, she added.

A giant farm table is still in, but some folks simply do not have the room for it, she said.

Other trends include keeping the mid-century dressers and furniture from the 1960s and 1970s but repainting those.

"People will pay a fortune for a mid-century piece that is refinished," Boyd said. "People are refinishing and keeping their heirlooms again."

Customers are also turning to updated and upscale wallpaper, which is more of a peel-and-stick nature. "It's not like Grandma used to do," Boyd said.

Decorations also include a mixture of live and plastic flowers.

This spring is an opportunity to launch a little color. Although some folks are somewhat shy about introducing too much color into their home, Boyd sees a definite uptick in pairing the traditional gray and white with some vitality.

"Everybody wants to feel good in their home," she said.

General News on 04/12/2018

Print Headline: Color Additions Bring Life To Home

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