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Another school shooting. Another mass murder. Another tragedy. Why did this happen? How can we prevent further mass killings? Who's to blame?

Reflection #1 -- Whenever we leave God out, we can expect what we're getting -- violence and murders. In the beginning, Adam and Eve sinned; they denied God his rightful place and replaced Him with Self. They defied God's authority, His rules, and His moral truths. So, what happened? Murder! Cain murdered his brother Abel. Our society has denied God and defied God -- mass murders are the result of our sinfulness!

Reflection #2 -- Cain might have used a rock to kill his brother. Most killers today use a gun. Some use a knife or use their car/truck to kill a lot of people. Rocks and guns and knives and vehicles are neutral! Each can either be used in a life-enhancing way or in a life-destroying way. It depends on the user! More gun-control is not the answer. If we apply the same logic to knives, we should be placing more restrictions on those who manufacture and sell knives. Or if this young man drove his truck into a group of students, killing many -- should we hold the auto industry responsible for their deaths? In Cain's case, I would propose that we ban all rocks. Rocks and guns and knives and vehicles are neutral!

Reflection #3 -- We should target the video-game industry instead of the NRA. Video-Games are the prime promoters of violence, killings, and murders! Those who are addicted to playing video games are dedicated to winning; to win means being able to kill/murder the most people in the game. That's why so many mass murderers confess that the reason they killed so many people was to kill more people than anyone else, that would make them a "winner."

Reflection #4 -- Where were the parents of the shooter? At home, he evidently did not receive the love, the attention, the support, the discipline and the caring encouragement from his family.

Reflection #5 -- What about his fellow students? Did any of them attempt to include him in their group; or did they shut him out? Did any of them give him encouragement; or did they bully him and put him down?

Reflection #6 -- Where was the security? A trained guard with a gun should have spotted the shooter early on and detained him.

Reflection #7 -- Solutions? Let's begin where we are. Restrictions on all assault weapons; who actually needs one. Tighter background checks. Stricter school security: armed guards at every entrance; check every bag and backpack (as at airports); give every teacher and student a one-year ID card in order to gain entrance to the school.

Closing Reflection -- As long as Self rules, we will continue to experience mass killings, violence and abuse, sexual immorality, crimes and corruption, lying and deceit, and other evils. Self cannot solve these problems because sinful Self is the cause of all these problems. The solution is to repent, turn back to God and to follow the teachings and example of Christ Jesus. Pray that this happens soon!

Don Kuehle is a retired United Methodist minister who lives in Jackson. Opinions are those of the author.

Religion on 03/08/2018

Print Headline: Reflections On A Tragedy

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